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The 6th point of the "From" restaurant chain was launched in the Riviera shopping center

The 6th point of the "From" restaurant chain was launched in the Riviera shopping center

A meeting of mixed martial arts fans with undefeated UFC fighter Movsar Evloev and world champion in combat sambo, master of sports of international class Magomed Ismailov took place in the Moscow Riviera shopping center
       Movsar Evloev, for example, told the fans on what principle he chooses his rivals and why he does not sign long-term contracts. Fans also asked Movsar how he was recovering from injury, how he would prepare for the upcoming fight in which he would compete for the title of UFC champion. After all, in the coming months, fans will not have a unique opportunity to meet the fighter, since he almost immediately after meeting with the fans flew to the American Top Team preparatory camp for six months.

4C2A4430 111.jpg

       And of course, the fans asked Magomed Ismailov how he found time in such a busy schedule to come and meet with his fans.

"I once called Movsar and asked what needs to be done to become as strong and resilient," Magomed replied, smiling. - And he replied that you need to come to a new chain of fast food restaurants FROM and eat a burger. I came, ate and it turned out to be really delicious."

       Movsar Evloev and chef Rezuan Sabanchiev noted that 5 outlets have already been opened in the capital, and 10 more restaurants are planned to be opened in Moscow and other Russian cities in the near future. At the same time, special emphasis was placed on the fact that products are prepared from meat that is grown in local farms in the North Caucasus.

"Our burgers are suitable for everyone: those who play sports, and those who work in offices. There are no additives in our burgers, and we make the sauces ourselves," the chef said. - "This is an environmentally friendly product."

4C2A4430 222.jpg

       According to him, Movsar Evloev, who is a business partner, as well as a cool fighter Magomed Ismailov, came to support the new catering point – sports fans have confidence in him.

"And we also want to gain trust," smiles chef Rezuan Sabanchiev.

4C2A4430 333.jpg

The production company "MaxBro" provided media support to the event.